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Floodgate is a fully managed feature flags service that gives you the power to deploy whenever and release when ready.

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Deliver your software safer and quicker

Feature flags greatly reduce risk of software deployments

Using feature flags to decouple your code deployments from software releases allows your engineering team to deploy your code when they want and your product team to release features when they want.

Wrapping your code in feature flags opens up a whole world of possibilities, giving you greater control of who sees what and when with ease.

Environment flag listing

Why Floodgate for Feature Flag Management?

What makes Floodgate the right choice for you

  • Target Your Customers

    Enable features based on any customer attribute. Get fine grain control over who see what feature and when.

  • Test In Production

    Run tests in your production environment on real customers with ease. Get insights into what works and what doesn't.

  • Centralized Management

    One platform to manage the entire lifecycle of your features across all your environments.

  • Ship Features On Your Terms

    Give your product teams the power they crave and allow them to turn on software features in their own time without needing to rely on deployment engineers.

  • Embrace DevOps & CI/CD

    Floodgate helps you ship your code easier, faster and safer by enabling you to embrace DevOps and implement CI/CD pipelines.

  • Respond to Emergencies Fast

    Use the Floodgate Kill Switch to disable a feature across all your environments in just one click.

Powerful User Targeting

Target your users with pinpoint accuracy. Serve features based on user location, email, account type or any other custom attribute you can think of.

powerful user targeting

Multivariate Flags

Don't be fooled, Floodgate can do more than just say if a feature is on or off. With multivariate flags you can return more or less any value you want. Use multivariate flags to run experiments with ease, test what works and what doesn't without needing to redeploy any code.

multivariate feature flags

Percentage Rollouts

Floodgates percentage roll-out feature give you even more control of how you release your features. Roll out a new feature just just 5% of your users to see how if performs and gradually roll-out to more users once you are happy. Say goodbye to the big bang feature release.

percentage rollouts

Built for Teams

Floodgate has been designed with teams in mind. Inviting your team members to Floodgate is easy and what’s more with Floodgates fine grained permission controls, it’s safe too. Decide what each team member has access to and what actions they can perform.


Know Who Changed What and When

Feature flags are a vital component in releasing your software on time and in good order. This is why all the changes to your flags are full tracked and searchable in the audit log.

Easily find out who made a change, when it was made and exactly what that change was. The audit log allows you to see your data both before and after a change is made, making it simple to manage accountability and revert changes if necessary.

Feature flag audit log

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