Floodgate Now Integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack

We are happy to announce our first third party integrations for Floodgate with the immediate availability of integrating with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Stay up-to-date with changes made to your feature flags by having notifications sent straight to your messaging platform of choice. You can enable Teams and Slack integrations from the new Integrations page … Read more

More Powerful User Targeting Rules

Floodgate has always offered the ability to target specific users or groups of users with our user targeting feature. I am happy to share that we have recently enhanced the targeting functionality by adding in several new comparators. You can now evaluate your user attributes in the following ways: Equals Does not equal Greater than … Read more

Introducing Enhanced Audit Logs

We know how important feature flags are when it comes to releasing your software in good working order and on time. Because of this it’s also important to keep track of whatever changes are made to your flags, when and by who. Since launch Floodgate always tracked changes made to your applications, environments and flag … Read more

Introducing the New Compare Flags View

I am super happy to announce the release of a brand new feature for comparing flags across all your application environments. The new Compare Flags view is designed to give you a birds-eye view of all your flag settings across your environments in one shot. This way you can easily see a flags state without … Read more

Announcing Social Sign In

I’m really happy to announce that we’ve made it even easier to sign up to Floodgate with the introduction of our Social Sign In feature.

Testing in Production using Feature Flags

Testing in Production with Feature Flags Developing and delivering quality software is not an easy task. Application updates go through a variety of tests before being released to customers. However even after all this testing, once new changes reach a production environment and are being used in real-world situations by your end users, things can … Read more